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Rugby PRO Tensio Classic

Adeo Screen Adeo Screen Elegance Tensio CTS
Adeo Screen Adeo Screen Elagance Classic Tensio


This projection screen model has been developed for the professional channel, where ease of installation, durable materials and simplicity of use are required.

In its tensioned version (Tensio Classic), the Rugby PRO screens are the perfect solution to combine aesthetics, functionality and technical performance.

The Tensio Classic system uses elastic tensioning cables threaded through eyelets, creating a curvature of the projection surface that prevents the formation of folds and puckering and ensures crease-free edges. The black (standard) or white (optional on request) side edges are available in 50 or 70 mm.


Softend Lowbar System
Designed using soft gaskets that dampen noise and absorb contacts when closing the lower bar.
SuperQuick Bracket Attachment System
The screen is supplied with an improved rapid and user-friendly fixing system for both wall and ceiling mounting. The clamping has been designed adopting symmetrical logics to enable both front and back mounting. The bracket kit consists of a single fixing unit (extruded aluminium bracket) and a single clamping unit (PVC moulded block), significantly reducing the number of parts.
Rugby PRO lowbar detail Screen with mechanical motor and radio receiver installed inside the casing (the receiver is not inside of the motor, like with a standard radio-integrated motor).

Create your own screen with PSS (Personal Screen System):

  • Personalized dimensions: width and height
  • Motor type: standard motor or optional motor with RF receiver integrated in the casing
  • Case: with quick-installation system
  • Case color: standard in White Matte. Optional in Black Matte. Custom color for an extra cost
  • Standard Drop: from 5 to 45 cm
  • Projection surface fall: back (standard), front or reverse-roll (optional)
  • Side of command/motor: right (standard) or left (optional)
  • Projection Surfaces: Reference White 2, Reference Grey 2, Ambient Grey 2, Ambient Grey, Vision White, Vision White Pro, Vision Acoustik, Vision Rear DB only without black borders
  • Aspect ratios:1:1 - 4:3 - 16:10 - 16:9 - 2.35:1 - 2.37:1 - 2.39:1 - 2.40:1

Standard accessories:

  • SuperQuick Bracket Attachment System, quick installation wall or ceiling brackets
  • Softend Lowbar System, rubber shock absorbers between the lower bar and case
  • Single-pole switch

Optional accessories:

  • Receiver and RF remote control for motorized screen (3 modalities: basic, automatic and compatible with domotic systems)
  • Receiver and infrared remote control
  • Extension brackets for screens up to 60 cm
  • Screen lift


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