Adeo Screen Division 

Adeo Group has come a long way since 1989. Between then and now a story has evolved, made of plenty of ideas and projects accomplished. Videopool, a protagonist on the video-projection market at the outset, was soon to develop into something much larger, as screens went into production and were launched on international markets.

Adeo Group is the result of this evolution. Since 2001, the company has been operating on three fronts: in Italy, in the professional audio/video and in the home theatre/hi-end distribution sectors; and in Europe, as Adeo Screen, distinguishing itself as one of the most successful manufacturers of screens. Expansion beyond the national borders stimulated the company to invest in new facilities to increase production capacity: thus a factory was constructed at Zlotoryja in Poland, with 3500 sqm for production and for the warehouse, plus 1000 sqm dedicated to offices and a showroom. The results were almost immediate: Adeo Screen soon dominated the Polish market as a leader in the production of high-quality screens.

Our business operates on the bases of few, solid principles -such as research and design; the strength of our know how, resulting from ten years' expertise; and the assurance offered by an all-Italian project development -to offer the most recent technological innovations. Other fundamental aspects are the control and care of the production phases; the customization of the product, carefully modelled to meet the real needs of the user; and customer care, to complete the circle, guaranteeing dedicated assistance to our clients even after the process is concluded. And then there is safety: each screen is EC-certified, and B1, M1 AND M2 surfaces are classified for fire resistance.

With this background Adeo Screen is one step ahead on the market, covering every application, from professional to educational, through to domestic HT systems.

Adeo quality is trully and unmistakably there for all to see -and can be admired in every single detail of the projected image.




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