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FOCUS: Quality System



The Adeo Screen Quality System is based on a programme specifically developed to manage the entire production process.

Step by step: starting from the choice of its raw materials, every single screen - whether standard or personalized - is “accompanied” through each working phase. Owing to this type of organization, the activities of each sector of the production line are constantly monitored, enabling the most suitable and efficient intervention if the need arises.

Automation ensures precision and punctuality, from the models’ CAD/CAM designing to the plotter-cutting of the canvas.

But the human element also plays an important role: the work of each sector is in fact carefully supervised by a specialized technician.

Finally, the roller screens must overcome one last obstacle: once they are assembled, they are individually mounted on a test platform, for definitive adjustments and quality testing. The finished products can now be marketed with a guarantee seal. Even packaging has been customized to suit the characteristics of each model and to protect its quality.

A hurdle race where only the best cross the finish line and can boast the Adeo Screen mark.

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